I have worked as a Cinematographer and Steadicam Operator for over 10 years. My passion for cinematography was instrumental in founding Broxstar Productions. Since then I have travelled the globe filming some of Earth’s most wondrous moments; from earthlings to spacelings and everything in-between. 


I have worked on a huge array of projects, one of the most memorable being the promo for Virgin’s ground-breaking space venture Virgin Galactic for which I both directed and filmed.


I have made it my drive to bring the most cutting-edge technologies to my Cinematography, whilst retaining that classic cinematic feel.


I am increasingly focusing my energy on working with global brands to create high-concept, narrative-based content, especially where it helps to impact any real and lasting positive changes in our world.


Whether it’s filming in a studio, the depts of a sweltering rainforest or on the top of a blizzard torn mountain, you name it, I’ve done it! I am completely enthusiastic about all aspects of my work and welcome all challenges that come my way!